August 10, 2021

Tatler Asia enters partnership with West Village (Beijing) Culture Media

10 August 2021 ­– Tatler Asia enters a partnership with West Village (Beijing) Culture Media led by Mr. Paco Tang, the former Conde Nast Group Publisher. Paco will assume the position of Managing Director at Tatler Shangliu effective September 1, 2021.

“Since I took over Tatler Asia in 2016, I have always envisioned to show the world Asia’s most influential communities and the impact that they make. China, in particular, represents an extremely important market for Tatler to be able to realise this vision. Paco brings with him a proven track record driving digital transformation and developing a powerful media brand,” says Michel Lamunière, Tatler Asia, CEO.

Ownership of the Tatler Shangliu brand remains in the hands of the Lamunière family. Paco Tang and West Village (Beijing) Culture Media will be driving the operations in China. Strategic and financial decisions will continue to be made collaboratively between both parties.

Lamunière goes on to say, “Paco and his team will bring the necessary understanding of the market and capabilities to accelerate our growth and make Tatler a leading luxury media brand in China”  says Michel Lamunière, Tatler Asia, CEO.”

Former Managing Director Qing Shen will step down from her position due to personal reasons, effective August 31, 2021.

“I would like to thank Qing for her time at Tatler. Through her hard work and dedication and through key initiatives such as Pride of China, the Tatler Ball, Asia’s Chaplin Awards and Gen.T, she has helped to elevate and strengthen the Tatler brand in China”, says Michel Lamunière, CEO of Tatler Asia.

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