September 17, 2018

Generation T Hosts Panel Discussion at She Loves Tech

[BEIJING – 17 September 2018] – Generation T partnered with She Loves Tech to host a panel on Shaping an Intelligent Future at the She Loves Tech 2018 Global Startup Competition & International Conference on 15 September 2018.

The technology industry has been dominated by men until recent years. Now there is an upward trend in women joining this sector as they begin to play a bigger role, driving innovation and development in the industry. In the era of female empowerment and with the rise of the “She Economy”, how can women influence the technology world? These issues were addressed last Saturday in Beijing at the She Loves Tech 2018 Global Startup Competition & International Conference.

“She Loves Tech” is a global initiative involving four continents and 12 countries. A global startup competition organised by She Loves Tech consists of 16 international sub-races where tech startups compete, with the top 12 finalist teams congregating in Beijing for the grand finale. The finalists were joined by local and foreign investors, entrepreneurs and selected Tatler Generation T honourees to discuss topics on emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain applications and more.

The conference was launched by Virginia Tan, Co-Founder and CEO of She Loves Tech. In her opening speech, she announced the launch of Teja Ventures, a venture capital fund in Asia that uses the gender lens methodology.

Virginia said: “Teja Ventures is Asia’s first venture capital fund that is influenced by women. It is committed to investing in businesses led by women, which go on to create positive impacts for other women. This fund will focus on startups with a high financial growth potential and those with a focus on technological innovations. The aim is to help women who have difficulty garnering investments bridge the current financial gap and incubate more tech services and products that serve women.”


Dialogue: Generation T | Shaping an Intelligent Future

At this year’s She Loves Tech, one of the hosted dialogues was “Shaping an Intelligent Future.” The session was led by three Generation T honourees, Gloria Ai, bilingual media personality, investor and founder of iAsk; Daisy Guo, co-founder and CMO of; and William Joy, founder & CEO of Video++. This panel explored how to discover an intelligent future from a technological standpoint.

Gloria Ai graduated from Harvard Kennedy School. She was awarded the title of Global Shapers at the World Economic Forum. In 2017, she was nominated to the Tatler Generation T list. With her unique dual identity of being a media personality and an investor, Gloria inspires others by asking questions such as “why me,” “why now,” “why not” and “why she loves tech.”

Daisy Guo graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts before working as a curator. In 2015, she co-founded with her teacher, Dr. Fan Ling. Initially was a website connecting creative professionals with clients. Now it has expanded into a multi-service platform that uses data and intelligent matching technology to provide large enterprises with solutions. When asked about her transformation from a creative to a technopreneur, Daisy said that she has always viewed entrepreneurship as a form of progression. She said that she felt that in the past, the design industry lacked dynamism. This led her to an insight where she wanted to connect the best designers in China with companies that are doing business in the country.

William Joy is an entrepreneur in the AI entertainment industry. When it comes to starting a business, he has his own unique ideas. He pointed out that as the economy heads towards a downturn, the economic theory of “lipstick effect” becomes obvious. While consumers still purchase luxury goods, they might only choose affordable luxury items that have less impact on their finances. While consumption continues, it is focused on “feel-good” market segments such as entertainment. Under such circumstances, it is relatively difficult to raise capital for conventional startups. Entrepreneurship is only possible if you understand the psychology of the mass consumers and appeal to them with recession-proof products and services. This would enable you to continually grow your company, even during an economic crisis.


Women in Emerging Technology

Another event held at the international conference was a panel hosted by the director of Beijing Women’s International Centre, Yue Li. Named “Women in Emerging Technology,” this was a panel where outstanding Chinese female entrepreneurs from different fields gathered to discuss how women are changing and influencing the world through emerging technology. These leaders from industries such as blockchain, emotional AI, beauty, health and visual technology were joined by two 2018 Generation T honourees: Mo Zhang, Founder and CEO of Yi+AI; and Layla Dong, Founder & CEO of Blockshine Technology.

Mo Zhang: “Entrepreneurship is a form of lifestyle where the entrepreneur faces limitless challenges. By enjoying the process of overcoming obstacles, you will find motivation to continue exploring. This is just like how Christopher Columbus embarked on a journey to discover the unexplored world. Through such processes, you will find that there is beauty and endless possibilities in the unknown and unexpected, yet you get to dictate your own journey.”

Layla Dong: ”Many would say the fourth industrial revolution along with blockchain and AI are important topics for today’s world. For myself, after I was exposed to blockchain, I realised this is an industry that involves the community. This became a subject of interest which resulted in me founding a company, Blockshine Technology. I currently work with more than 200 partners to provide blockchain solutions for companies around the world.”


Female power, investing in the future

In recent years, an unprecedented amount of capital has flowed into China’s technology sector, resulting in high valuations for many companies. At the panel, “Investing in the Future,” a group of female leaders shared their insights.

The group was made up of Enita Pu from Partner of Sequoia Capital China; Managing Director and Head of China Division of HarbourVest Partners, Sally Shan; Managing Director of Fosun Healthcare Holdings, Mei Tong; Xun Zeng, Partner of Cooley LL P and Daisy Zhang, Managing Director of JRR Crypto.

These leaders mentioned that with the approaching of a “capital winter,” startups that acquire investments are those with competitive advantages and stable business models, combined with excellent products and emerging technologies.


New Technology Talent

FREDsense Technologies was the grand finale winner

She Loves Tech 2018 Global Startup Competition spanned four continents, involving 12 countries from the “One Belt One Road” project. The finale in Beijing is the highlight of this year’s international conference. The 12 teams who made it to the finals are winners from the sub-races. They focused on diverse aspects of technology such as in the areas of lifestyle, identification technology, medical technology, travel, financial service, biotech, beauty, education, health, environmental protection, robotics and AI. In the end, FREDsense Technologies from Canada emerged as the grand finale winner after impressing the judges.


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