August 31, 2017

Indonesia Tatler Launches Inaugural Gen.T List

[JAKARTA – August 31, 2017] – Indonesia Tatler celebrated 50 of the country’s up-and-coming entrepreneurs and disruptive talents at the launch of its inaugural Gen.T List at the Mandarin Oriental Jakarta.

Gen.T is Tatler’s platform to shape and empower Asia’s future leaders. It’s annual Gen.T list recognises the brightest innovators and creatives across the region.

Sisters and Gen.T listers Maria Rahajeng and Elizabeth Rahajeng—both media personalities—with their younger sibling Agnes.

The Jakarta launch of the pan-Asian list, on August 25, honoured the achievements of Indonesia’s brightest and boldest. Among the individuals recognised in the 2017 Gen.T list were start-up founders, food and beverage professionals, designers, singers, artists, athletes, social media influencers and philanthropists.


Gen.T listers at the event included actor Reza Rahadian, co-founder Natali Ardianto, social media influencer Anastasia Siantar, co-founder Kevin Mintaraga, and fashion designer Auguste Soesastro.

Tatler Tribe members Shinta Dhanuwardoyo and Manoj Punjabi.

To compile the list, Gen.T consults a panel of industry leaders, dubbed the Tatler Tribe, who lend their expertise to help pick the strongest possible candidates.

Tatler Tribe members in attendance at the event included Shinta Dhanuwardoyo, founder of digital agency Bubu; Catharina Widjaja, director of tyre manufacturer Gajah Tunggal; photojournalist Arbain Rambey; and Manoj Punjabi, the president of MD Entertainment who’s dubbed “Indonesia’s King of Movies”.

Indonesia Tatler is proud to launch this list of Indonesia’s game changers, who we are confident will continue transforming the society for the better through their bold vision, immense talent, and limitless hard work,” said Millie Stephanie, CEO and bureau chief of Indonesia Tatler.

Actor Reza Rahadian and singer Isyana Sarasvati receive copies of the Gen.T list with special custom covers.

The full Gen.T list was revealed in a special supplement inside the September 2017 issue of Indonesia Tatler, which marked the occasion with a cover story on the contributions of these game-changing talents.

The September 2017 issue of Indonesia Tatler.

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