We bring people and brands together around shared passions and lifestyles

Working with our audiences and our clients, we create and deliver exclusive and engaging content, tailored media solutions and inspiring lifestyle experiences. We successfully connect brands with our communities of passionate consumers.

We deliver results for the long term

We are entrepreneurs at heart, so we focus on sustainable value creation with a long-term view. We build and nurture strong relationships with our audiences and clients. We build strong and authoritative brands. We achieve our goals through forward planning.

We are innovative and creative

We empower our people to come up with new ideas to improve business. We are solution-oriented, resourceful, creative and imaginative. We challenge the status quo with the goal of continuous improvement and we embrace the change that follows.

We act with integrity and professionalism

We walk the talk; we take responsibility and are accountable for our actions. We always act in the best interests of the company. We always conduct ourselves professionally when dealing with our clients, consumers, suppliers and each other.

We work as one team

We believe we’re only as good as our people. Everybody has a part in driving the company’s success and we work collaboratively to make that happen. Our culture is built on mutual respect and meritocracy. We recognise and reward people for their achievements. Diversity is our advantage; it enables us to find a fresh perspective on everything we do.

We have energy and passion

We are passionate about creating and delivering value for our audiences and our clients. We have the energy and tenacity to make things happen. We foster an environment of fun and celebrate our successes. We encourage our people to stay fit and healthy.